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Daphne in the Attic / Saint Yorda / Trumpet Tom (18/2/2012)


Daphne in the Attic

Formed by Marcus O’hAilin and Edward Grannell in 2009 Daphne In the Attic set out on a mission to blend Grunge and Swamp Folk with classical string lines and Rockabilly guitar sounds.Their setup varies and is known to include such instruments as fiddle, cello, double bass, accordion, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, and harmonies.

Saint Yorda
“Amidst the stagnant, generic noise that permeates a lot of music down south, Cork City’s Saint Yorda are pop saviors making big waves on the growing scene. One to watch for 2012 most definitely.”
— James Walsh, LittleGreen

Trumpets of Jericho
Straying away from the waspish Sync-Wonk roots that defined a generation of music lovers everywhere, the last year has seen Trumpets of Jericho evolve into another beast altogether. Gone are the electro-banjo solos, orchestral flourishes and Céilí-inspired onstage choreography of their curious, yet perhaps ill-conceived, earlier work. Today, Trumpets of Jericho is a machine of downright terminal magnitude.

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