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The Calvinists – 28th April 2012


Photo (C) Sebastian Szarkowicz

Taidhg Burke, Frank Wieler and Daragh Coakley came together as The Calvinists in 2010 in Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland. Before that each had played individually and collectively with different bands, playing a veritable smorgasbord of sounds from hard rock to rockabilly, indie to blues. All hardworking band members eking out a living in these recessionary times and drawn together through a sheer love of music.

It was during one of their many early jamming sessions whilst playing records and arguing about music, that one strand of communal love shone brighter than the rest: country blues – Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits et al, The lads soon became a band. They needed a name and, aptly for a band of codgers from the rebel county, they landed on a kick ass, anti-homage to religious reformist and general all round party pooper John Calvin, who believed music was the work of the devil. The Calvinists were sprung on the world and, oh how Pastor Calvin must have turned in his grave…

The band entered 2011 on a wave of media attention following a surprise rave review by New York Times writer, Matt Gross.A few month’s earlier Mr. Gross was ambling through the Calvinists local town of Bantry when the bands poster caught his attention.Drawn in by the unusual name and the slightly controversial anti-homage to John Calvin, he decided to check them out. He certainly was not disappointed…

Quote from the New York Times :

“They were awesome : straight up rock with a country accent…the whole room hummed with enthusiasm and pride.I was part of something.Maybe this was a moment that years from now, I’d remember as a big one”…

The attention propelled the band from a local circuit into a national arena.Taidhg has a talent for writing great songs, and with the release of their debut single “Anchor”, written by Taidhg,they performed on R.T.E’s popular Saturday Night show, as well as featuring on the Marian Finucane show and many more radio stations around the country.

The band recently announced an exciting collaboration with world renowned singer/songwriter Colin Vearncombe aka Black, with rehearsals underway for a few eagerly awaited performances.Also a collaboration with the hugely talented Cork singer/songwriter, Nicole Maguire, whose track record includes tour support to Nanci Griffith as well as support to Ireland’s own musical genius,Paul Brady.

Thanks to long, firm family friendships and good karma, The Calvinists are eagerly working ‘round the clock to bring out their debut record, while still gigging all over Ireland, and a trip to America is in the pipeline.Exciting times for The Calvinists, and much for the fans and themselves to look forward to…

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