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The Altered Hours + The Great Balloon Race – 24th August 2012


This Friday at the Pine Lodge in Myrtleville we a re proud to welcome two excellent Cork bands. As usual entry is free so you have no excuse! Look forward to seeing you all..


The Altered Hours exist in a swirl of the psychedelic and hypnotic, crafting slow burning epics of blistering intensity. Masters of dynamics a song can begin with a whisper before exploding into something else all the more fiery and intriguing. Acutely aware of pop history, they take the steady rhythms of Velvet Underground-esque decadence and add their own inimitable style lending the outfit a retro influenced yet wholly original sound. When Altered Hours take to the stage they cut an endearingly loose and improvisational vibe, the interplay natural and ever changing but they never neglect the innate melody of their craft.


“A spoonful of gypsy folk, a dash of pyschadelia and a nice big dollop of jazz”

“Eerie keyboard swells, and odd-yet-catchy vocal melodies that sound as though these musicians are very familiar with the more outrageous Real Book Standards”

The Great Balloon Race is a five-piece band based in Cork city. They formed their first line-up in 2009. Their influences ranging from folk to psychedelic to jazz.

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