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Superblondes – 22nd September 2012


Here’s what Jackie Hayden had to say about Superblondes in Hot Press back in October 2010.

Superblondes are Eoin and Lory from Dublin and Cork. They offer an intriguing indie take on electro – ambient pop – rock that sounds as rewarding to create as it is to listen to. “You’re One of Us Now Hero” has a raw charm. Its dark lyrics reflect on the perils of being a teenager and its nagging beat demands repeated listens. “There’s No Rush” has a retro eighties pop feel married to an indie attitude, plus a throbbing bassline and eerie vocals that pierce your heart. “Twisted Heart” even swings a little when it’s not out to hypnotise you. This is groovy stuff that we need more of.

Now a five-piece Superblondes released their debut EP on March 23. This Saturday we will give a big Pine Lodge welcome to Texas Rivers (VOX/KEYS/CLASSIC FICTION), Lorenzo Fellini (SIX STRING/WISDOM), Toni Metzelder (FOUR STRING/DENIM), Chuck Flaire (SKINS/RATT/TEA) and Rob Flaire (ROARS/PURRRRSSS).


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