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Pine For Your Loved Ones – 13th July 2013


Shaping up to be a great night folks, please be on your best behaviour as we don’t want to disturb the good folk of Myrtleville..


Saturday July 13th sees the Pine For Your Loved Ones 2013 bash with (takes deep breath) Mauri John Wayne, Hands Up Who Wants to Die, Private Underground Residence, Bridges Of Madison County, Chirps, Terriers. The G-Man does a very nice piece on the gig here.

The annual traditions of summer time in Pine Lodge are being maintained this year on July 13th in Myrtleville. A bus will be leaving from St Patrick’s quay (from where the Aircoach leaves) at 4:30pm, and will return to the city at 1am from Pine Lodge. Tickets for the bus will cost €12.50 and are available from Plugd Records. Gig’ll kick off around 6 and end at 11:30pm. It’s gonna be epic!



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