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Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies – 11th July 2014



Bandicoot Promotions Presents

Price: Free adm
Doors: 9.30pm
Ph 021 4832171

Bob Wayne is 100% the real deal: a raucous, rambunctious, storytelling rabble-rouser with a passionate zeal for life and a reckless charm that is completely unbound.

Conquering the interstates behind the wheel of his real-life ‘70s Cadillac limo while surrounded by a revolving gang of sweaty banjo bangers, fiddle scorchers and upright bass slappers, Bob Wayne carries the torch for the Outlaw Country tradition with a modern punkabilly snarl all of his own. The rampaging troubadour has left a trail of devastated dive bars, broken hearts and one-night stands across the United States and Europe.

There’s no better place to hear Bob than the road. Bob writes songs that paint vivid pictures of real life, with an overall atmosphere befitting the rowdy carnival ride conjured in his presentation. Bob Wayne songs often deal with the spiritual torment of living life pulled between good and evil. It’s an out front, direct and in-your-face approach that has struck a chord with people whose music collections span the divides between country, roots, bluegrass, rockabilly, punk rock, hardcore, indie artfulness and the rawest of stoner rock and underground metal. It’s country, to be sure, but of the strongest grain and purest intent.

Bob Wayne is back with an impressive new album called “Back To The Camper” on People Like You Records. There’s plenty of homespun (or roadspun) yarns, including the lead-off track about a gold miner, a sea shanty about a pirate queen (who is one of Wayne’s descendants), and a dialogue with God, to keep listeners on their toes.

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