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Fox Jaw – 15th August 2014

Photo (c) Tarmo Tulit

Photo (c) Tarmo Tulit

Fox Jaw are a modern band with an old soul. Producing a trend shaking, majestic deep growl, which swaggers from the terrific to the sublime. A band that usually err on the side of darkness, but always keeping it sweet and melodic with an honest collection of dark pop songs. Critics praising them as “True hidden gems”, “A seductively gloomy sound in a league of its own … will both mystify and satisfy” (

Formerly Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters, Fox Jaw are a band filled to the brim with new beginnings. Aside from a new abbreviated name, they are armed to the teeth with an armada of new material, locked & loaded with new recruits, and equipped with a sagacious mind for the road ahead. This isn’t a band reinventing themselves; this is plain and simple evolution. And now, after a year in hiding, writing, recording & honing their craft, the storm is brewed and ready for serving.

After their sleazy blues ballad ‘Kerosene’ that was released in February, raised many eyebrows in the Irish music industry, as a band proving themselves with an ever expanding sound, ‘Hijack’ is set to turn many a head, as a foot stomping pounce to the other end of the rock and roll spectrum. ‘Hijack’ is out on Friday 30th May and is the second single to be taken from their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Ghost’s Parade’, recorded with producer Dave ‘Skippy’ Christophers (Josh Ritter, Whipping Boy, Mundy) & engineer Owen Lewis (Flogging Molly, Snow Patrol, REM), and mastered at WAV Mastering by Richard Dowling (David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Interpol). The new album is due for release in September 2014.

Show: 9pm

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