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Robert Sarazin Blake – 22nd April 2016


robert sarazin blake

From Bellingham in Washington State, Robert Sarazin Blake is considered a folk musician, although his music incorporates the ideas of modern punk rock, country, and blues, blended together with a heavy dose of improvisation. This fusion of genres has produced a speed-strumming guitar style as a backdrop to his narrative style of songwriting.

Although he writes songs centred on love and his personal life, his leftist-anarchist politics feature prominently in many of his works, and he cites the likes of John Prine, Shel Silverstein, Christy Moore, Anais Mitchell, Noam Chomsky, Jeannette Winterson, and even irreverent Irish punk poet Jinx Lennon as influences and inspiration.

Blake sees touring not as an economic model, but as a lifestyle. He’s been a travelling troubadour since 1997, when, inspired by Billy Bragg and the DIY ethos of the folk-punk movement, he dropped out of college, recorded an album at home, released it on his own label and hit the road.


You can catch Robert Sarazin Blake at the Pine Lodge, Myrtleville on Friday April 22nd at 9.30pm.

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