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Daddy Long Legs – 12th June 2016


daddy long legs bandicoot.jpg

This show is at 4pm sharp due to the international UEFA soccer match.


There’s probably no great zealot than the convert and so it proves with countrified blues-punk trio Daddy Long Legs. Hailing from New York City, the band has been whipping up a fervor, since their formation in 2010 with an almost evangelical drive that fuses the darkness of Robert Johnson’s infernal legend with the most rudimentary elements of punk rock at its most raw.

At their centre is the combustible figure of Daddy Long Legs – aka Brian Hurd – a man whose talents on the harp marks him down as something special. Embracing distortion with a feral energy, Hurd’s frenzied harp blowing is matched by a gutteral vocal delivery that alternately howls, yelps and hollers with a conviction that’s entirely believable.

Crucially, Daddy Long Legs is band, a tightly knitted and wound unit that pulls together in the same direction for a thrilling strap-yourself-in-and-check-your-pants joyride. Guitarist Murak Akturk takes in slide guitar, cranked out riffs and push’n’pull rhythms with an almost indecent ease while the minimalist drumming of Josh Styles simultaneously roots and propels the band.

Daddy Long Legs are preaching. Are you ready to testify?

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